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The history of Xixovic


  1. In mid-1944, Dolors Llorens Sirvent, known as Lola, and Daniel Sirvent, a couple of young entrepreneurs from Xixona (Alicante), decide to open an ice cream business in Vic. In spite of the bad auguries because of the cold weather of the area, they go ahead with it and set up a stand at Plaça Santa Clara followed soon by another one at Rambla del Passeig.

  2. Over time, the business grows thanks to the sale of ice creams but also to the demand of its fine nougat which they partly produce in Xixona. Thus, in 1963, the emblematic establishment of Plaça Major is inaugurated and two years later the workshop is opened in Carrer Nou, where a large part of the work is still carried out. The birth of their two children, Daniel (1948) and Laura (1960), guarantees the continuity of the company.

  3. At present, Xixovic has become a modern and outstanding company in the field of ice cream and artisan nougat. Sirvent’s ice pops, chocolates, ice cream sandwiches and slices are a classic preference of vigatans’ summers while their Christmas nougat, which continues to be partly made in Xixona, delights the finest palates. Currently, Laura Sirvent, Eulàlia Sirvent and her husband Jason run the business.